Jason O'Rourke: Irish concertina music, poetry and prose from Belfast, Northern Ireland


Traditional Irish music on the Anglo concertina

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Poetry and prose from Belfast

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Music, Poetry, and Prose from Belfast.

Music: I’ve been playing Traditional Irish Music on the concertina for nearly thirty years now. I’ve made six full-length albums so far, including two solo projects. In December 2014 I received an Artist Career Enhancement Scheme (ACES) award from the Arts Council NI to make the latest album, which is called The Northern Concertina. Visit the Music page for the latest interviews and reviews, and further info about my recordings

“Jason O’Rourke’s music has matured down the years into a fully cohesive and finely-tuned style; each note executed with pin-pricked precision. He stands on his own merits among concertina players in Ireland and elsewhere, and his music finds full maturity on this outstanding set.”

John O’Regan, The Living Tradition, December 2015.

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Writing: I decided to give myself a birthday present in 2012, and started writing short stories about everyday life in Belfast on my blog. Since then I’ve been publishing short stories for adults and children and poems. Some of them are available on the web, others are only to be had in print. I’m always interested in collaborating with other writers and artists, and I have a number of such projects on the go. Details can be found on the Writing page.

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