I’m currently involved in two projects with the concertina, and two with the drums:

The Jason O’Rourke Trio

Jason O'Rourke concertina

Jason O’Rourke Trio at Boreal festival, Tenerife.

Traditional instrumental dance music from Ireland, Scotland, Italy and France. High-energy with occasional slow romantic moments. New compositions alongside established tunes. Jig it in style.

Recent international appearances include Festival Internacional da Sanfona, Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil; Irlanda in Festa, Italy; Festival Internacional Boreal, Tenerife.



Madagan Goa

Sur Jahan Festival, Goa, collaboration with Divya Naik and her group.

Songs in Irish and English with harmonies, and traditional music from Ireland and Scotland on uilleann pipes, concertina, flute and guitar. International collaborations, and new compositions as well as existing tunes. New album of our collaboration with Indian singer Divya Naik coming soon. More here.



Jason O'Rourke drums

Playing drums with TS4

I play drums with TS4, an eclectic mix of messed-up musical genres with interesting time signatures all fuelled by guitar virtuoso Colin Reid’s unruly imagination. Seonaid Murray on saxophone and Keith Watterson on electric bass.


The Sara Dylan Band

Jason O'Rourke drums

Playing drums with the Sara Dylan Band

I also play drums in Sara Dylan’s band sometimes. Have a listen on Soundcloud. There’s a Facebook page too.

Sara Dylan, vocals, guitar; Nick Boyle, keyboards; Sharon Morgan, bass, electric bass.