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Seonaid Murray: “I loved the ‘Belonging’ video! When I think of ‘belonging’, I think of the sea, where I grew up in Co. Down. I had a listen through to the tunes you were playing and here is my response. I went to the beach near my parents’ house in Donaghadee to record this with help from my parents, Patricia and Murdo”
Niamh McComish: “For me, the ‘Belonging’ project evokes a feeling of connection;a sensation that we are all intrinsically linked. this is particularly pertinent given our current global pandemic, and the sense of disconnect that it has brought to so many of us. It has been a timely reminder that a beautiful world is still out there, waiting for us all to reconnect. To belong. I love music and dance in many forms, but my passion is fusion style belly dance. Jason and Deepmoy’s music inspired me to dance for the first time since the pandemic began. And so here is my response.

Visual Arts

Anushiya’s response

“In my response to your Belfast – Kolkata online music project, I think of my own love of light, the layering of colours, shapes and the importance of culture. Belonging for me is my collection of everything and anything …”

Originally from Sri Lanka, Anushiya Sundaralingam now lives and works in Belfast. Since graduating from the University of Ulster, in 1998 with her BA Hons in Fine and Applied Arts, Anushiya has been a full-time Artist and Arts facilitator and she has established a strong reputation for her work, which includes exhibitions, commissions, and community work. Her work is represented in many private and public collections.

“My work is influenced by the notion of ‘self’, the challenges of identity and the nature of belonging. When my surroundings change, through displacement, whether by choice or not, I respond and adapt. I work with a range of subject matter, themes and media to  convey my sense of the complexities of people, place and conflict. My work continues to be influenced by my past and my present.” Visit Anushiya’s website.


Micheál Ó Seanáin writes:

“Let me invite you to dinner. Not as guests but as welcomed watchers and listeners. The first couple, if you will, comprise of Jason O’Rourke, renowned multi-instrumentalist and Kathleen, the embodiment of Irish music itself. They are joined by Deepmoy Das and his longtime teacher Bharat Mahta, Mother India. As they sit, their initial conversation explores their similarities; rhythm, dance and energy. And differences; India’s wildness, her vast depth and influence compared to Ireland’s more regimented practices and precision.

Gradually a compromise borne of offering and taking, moulding and remoulding is found. The vocal dexterity of Deepmoy’s singing is cradled carefully by Jason’s expert concertina and bodhrán playing. Their shared experiences with 6/8 and 4/4 time have them meet across continents via reels and jigs.

The meal progresses and now the four relax into their blossoming company. They try new combinations of timing, modes, call and answer, song and air. Familiar, yet brand new. They speak of each other with great respect and humility but are unafraid to ask challenging questions for the greater good.

It becomes clear as the plates are cleared away they belong not only in their own natural partnerships but together as four. In us all lies the desire to belong, to feel safe and confident. Oh what conversations lie ahead …

I thoroughly commend Deepmoy and Jason on this amazing project. They prove yet again that hard work, daring and no little skill will reveal the treasures we hold most dear …”

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