New compositions in the traditional style

These compositions are freely available, but please credit me as the composer if you use them in any way. Feel free to contact me if you want any further info about the tunes, recordings and so on.

Click on the links for a sound file or PDF of the score. The audio files are in MP3 format, and are very basic, mostly un-ornamented recordings of me playing the tunes. I prefer this to midi files, which are cold and lifeless things; the recordings should provide a sense of tone and emphasis.

Some of the tunes have been recorded on albums. You can find them by clicking on the title. If you want to explore further, a list of albums and other recordings can be found here, or you can visit my Bandcamp page.

Many thanks to all the long-suffering listeners, who helped me with this project: Ciaran Kelly (medal of honour), Andy Dickson (RIP), Tara Connaghan, Conor Lamb, Teresa Clarke, Stevie Porter, Aoife Feeney, Cormac O’Brien, Conor Caldwell and Caterina Sangineto. Any errors are, of course, my own.

All works © Jason O’Rourke.

compositions funded by Arts Council NI

National Lottery funded through The Arts Council of Northern Ireland


An Sruthán Milis | MP3 | PDF

Highland Bheann Mhadagáin / The Ben Madigan Highland | MP3 | PDF

Hop Jigs:

The Belfast Lockdown | MP3 | PDF

The Real Galway Girl | MP3 | PDF


Cornphíopa Nic Somhairle / Miss Mc Sorley’s Hornpipe | MP3 | PDF

Doctor Vallely | MP3 | PDF


Davy Maguire’s Trip to Arran | MP3 | PDF

The Deep Jig | MP3 | PDF

The Limpet on the Rock | MP3 | PDF

The Mongrel | MP3 | PDF

The Sunny Side of the Latch | MP3 | PDF


Sheep Island | MP3 | PDF

The Waltz of the Spirits | MP3 | PDF

Zingaria | MP3 | PDF


Polca Shráid an Chaisleáin / The Castle Street Polka | MP3 | PDF

Polca Uí Seannáin / Sands’s Polka | MP3 | PDF

The Ambapador | MP3 | PDF

The Frozen Mouse Polka | MP3 | PDF


Aggie’s Wedding | MP3 | PDF

Fabbri the Fiddler | MP3 | PDF

Mrs. Brennan’s Favourite | MP3 | PDF

Ríl Imbolc / The Imbolc Reel | MP3 | PDF

The Flower of Belfast | MP3 | PDF

The Sleepy Hills of Cassano | MP3 | PDF


The Road out of Larne | MP3 | PDF

To Hell with Austerity | MP3 | PDF

Slip Jigs:

Andy Dickson in the Errigle | MP3 | PDF

Ciaran Kelly’s Standing Ovation | MP3 | PDF

Squeakles | MP3 | PDF